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About BuyDirectPC

Us and our practices

We are BuyDirectPC Computer Corporation, Vancouver-based e-tailer of custom desktop and gaming systems, as well as cube PC's, Shuttle XPC's and custom-tailored laptops. Founded in 2000, we have experienced ongoing growth and while many other upstart companies were going out of business following the dot-com crash, we have successfully maintained our position of first-echelon custom PC provider. Today, many individuals and businesses trust our expertise to deliver a machine built to their specs from the finest off-the-shelf components, rigorously tested and carefully shipped for the best out-of-the-box experience. With so many cases of retailers taking advantage of their customers' trust and either jacking up the price, selling terribly misconfigured and untested systems or even using refurbished parts, our company has always made sure we maintained our top-tier retailer status by adhering to a strict ethical code, as well as employing only skilled individuals (instead of outsourcing) while implementing thoroughly thought-out pricing and technological strategies.

1. Old-school ethics:

Trust is the one most important aspect in any business transaction, that is why we have always ensured that we go the extra mile to ensure that our customers do not have a slightest doubt about our integrity and the quality of their purchasing experience with us. We have never sold a single refurbished part, or an untested system. All emails and inquiries are answered within 24 hours since receipt, and our employees' work day is not over at 5PM; it is over when all the today's issues have been resolved. We do not put our customers on hold, neither do we avoid taking responsibility shall anything go wrong with your system. All in all, we kept old-school business ethics in the new online economy.

2. Human factor:

In order to cut costs, many manufacturers and retailers outsource their technical support to other countries or employ college graduates with no practical skills as technicians. In our case, every single individual on staff is a highly experienced specialist in his field, be it specialized digital video and sound producing hardware and software, general computing, gaming-oriented machines and so on. In most cases, shall anything go wrong with your system, we will actually have the very technician responsible for it on the phone with you! We go for quality over quantity, and our staff consists entirely of motivated and energetic individuals who are very good (if not the best) at what they do.

3. Technological superiority:

Instead of blindly following the hardware manufacturers' claims about their hardware, every single piece of equipment considered to be offered to our customers goes through our own field-testing. You will not find any "LE" or "SE" components which were released to the market in order to get rid of defective chips, neither will you find any no-name components. Each system is designed with one goal in mind: to give our customers the fastest, most stable and future-friendly system for a given amount of money. Every single one of our machines, from the 300-class Genesis to the mighty 900-class Eclipse is built from the finest off-the-shelf parts by very skilled (and sometimes even fanatical) technicians so you get the very best in custom PC manufacturing.

4. Selection and pricing:

Great technology is only great if it is affordable. Our status of a high-tier retailer allows us to get the best hardware at great pricing from our suppliers. We also have great contacts in the industry which enable us to get the latest hardware the same day it hits the shelves, as well as obtain special-order components with ease. We do not practice selling yet-to-be-released hardware though, since even though it is doable, many times the drivers or the hardware itself is not ready for prime-time, and we would rather not have our customers become beta-testers.

In the end, the above factors come together with one goal in mind: you having the best custom system purchase experience. Our customers' testimonials are a solid testament to our success.

We are sincerely looking forward to becoming your custom system provider of choice, and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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