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17 Inch Apevia X-DISCOVERY Case - black


Price : Cad$91.62

10 days
X-Discovery is a blend of technology, functionality, elegancy and versatility. Our goal is to make the ownership of X-Discovery case a proud rewarding experience and a personal life style. Superior material, ample inner space, versatile features, full-scale expansion that all...[more]

Antec 900 Gaming Mid-tower


Price : Cad$126.31

10 days
Reviewers agree: with 4 120mm fans and one 200mm fan on top of the case, shaped window and agressive design, this case is meant to house and protect a killer gaming system. Providing excellent and even redundant airflow, with easy to access USB, Firewire and Audio ports on top...[more]

Antec P160W Mid-tower


Price : Cad$175.20

10 days
Antec's P160W webpage claims it to be made from recycled fighter jets. While that is not necessarily true, the lightweight anodized aluminum case sure looks like it has something to do with aeronautics. With unique front air intake, 3 temperature sensors with alternating...[more]

Antec P182 Quiet Mid-tower


Price : Cad$180.13

10 days
It's roomy, its quiet, its Antec Performance One. Created to accomodate the latest CPU's and videocards while maintaining an unobtrusive sound signature, the case uses its triple-layered side panels and separate cooling chambers to provide as much cooling as possible at the...[more]

Antec P182 SE


Price : Cad$209.89

10 days
The exclusive special edition. If you are looking for a case that stands out from the rest, look no further than the P182SE. It’s got the solid design and the same great features that made the original P180 famous, but with more innovations such as an external fan control...[more]

Antec P190+1200

CODE: CSE-ANT-P190+1200

Price : Cad$423.93

10 days
Introducing the P190, a case that stands above the rest. The biggest and the best, the P190 has room to handle even the biggest hardware; ExtendedATX, multiple graphics cards, dual CPUs, and liquid-cooling are all no problem for the P190. Powering all your hardware in this...[more]

Antec Solo Quiet Mini Tower Case


Price : Cad$97.36

10 days
Antec does it again! The Solo offers maximum room for your drives without resorting to a full sized tower. It boasts room for a staggering four internal 3.5" drives. Not content there, it integrates four 5.25" external drives by removing the rarely used 3.5" external bays. If...[more]

Antec Three Hundred


Price : Cad$78.98

10 days
The Essentially Cool and Quiet Case. Impressively spacious and unbeatably reliable, the Antec Three Hundred is an unbeatable enclosure. Despite its eminently portable frame, the Three Hundred has enough room for an NVIDIA 8800 series graphics card, as well as six hard drives...[more]

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