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Logitech MX Air wireless motion-sensing mouse


Price : Cad$147.60

10 days
The first motion sensing mouse, this exquisite device designed specifically for HTPC's replaces the traditional mouse which requires a surface with a motion sensing technology. Which means you would be holding this in the air, and the pointer on the screen will respond to the...[more]

Microsoft Media Centre Remote with IR receiver


Price : Cad$33.60

10 days
Designed by Microsoft to control Windows Media Centre from the comfort of your couch. Provides easy access to all the multimedia capabilities of both Windows XP Media Centre Edition and Windows Vista, this is an indispensible device if you have an HTPC. Batteries included!

Microsoft Remote Keyboard with IR receiver


Price : Cad$84.00

10 days
Created by Microsoft to complement its Media Centre Remote, this lightweight and elegant keyboard enables you to input show titles, file names and search parameters without having to get up from your comfort zone. In addition to the full keyboad layout, this device adds...[more]

Microsoft XBOX 360 for PC Wireless controller


Price : Cad$64.80

10 days
If you have some big-screen gaming on your mind, the wireless PC variant of the excellent XBOX 360 controller may be just what you need! Supported in all Games for Windows titles, this controller is usually more user-friendly than having to find space for a wireless keyboard...[more]

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