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Corsair HX1000 1000W modular Active PFC


Price : Cad$319.99

10 days
The highest-end member of the HX family, this unit is considered the best PSU in its class by enthusiasts worldwide. With 1000+ Watts of continuous power, silent operation, modular design, 5-year warranty and the coveted 80 Plus certification, this is one of the best PSUs...[more]

Quiet 1000 Watt (1KW) Quad-SLi/Quad-Crossfire-approved PSU with APFC


Price : Cad$324.00

10 days
1 KiloWatt of continuous power for the most high-end systems on the planet. Able to power any Triple-SLi or Quad-SLi without even spinning up, this powerhouse is a marvel of PSU making. In pursuit of a better environment and to save our customers on their electricity bill, all...[more]

Quiet 1200 Watt PSU with APFC


Price : Cad$409.21

10 days
This power supply is potent and simple to manage. Behind the simplicity of 100% modular cable managing system hides the all-mighty 90A +12V single rail, capable of outputting 1200 watts of pure adrenaline to any multi-processors CPUs through its dual EPS 12V 8pin connectors....[more]

Silverstone Decathlon DA1200 1200W Active PFC


Price : Cad$409.21

10 days
With the introduction of OP1200 and DA850, our engineers saw the benefits computer enthusiasts will enjoy by integrating these two units and come up with a power supply that is potent and simple to manage. The DA1200 from Decathlon series provides the simplicity of 100%...[more]

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