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Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400 2.66GHZ x 4 1333MHz FSB 6MB cache

CODE: intel_quad_core_q9400

Price : Cad$225.10

10 days
The least expensive representative of the second-generation Core 2 Quad processors actually worth getting. This chip has all the qualities of its higher-end Core 2 Quad siblings, such as 1333FSB, high efficiency-per-clock, low heat emission and power consumption, intelligent clock throttling and Execute Disable Bit. It's frequency of 2.66GHz is quite respectable, but it does shun half of its L2 cache in order to become as affordable as it is. While not a deal-breaking setback, users seeking to get the very best of second-gen Core 2 Quad architecture may want to consider the next-up Q9550.

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