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Extreme PC

The Alpha and the Omega of current gaming technologies, Eclipse comes packed with only the fastest and best hardware in each category. However, due to extensive hardware research, community-approved component selection as well as over-clocking, this monster does not require you to sell your kidney in order to afford it. On the other hand, if you are after tomorrow’s performance today and are looking for the fastest performance available in this day and age, this is a platform to make your dreams come true on. With a selection of only the finest components in each category, every talked-about part and technology manifests itself in the Eclipse. With support for both NVIDIA Quad-SLI and ATI Quad-CrossFireX, this platform reigns supreme as far as flexibility is concerned. With performance simply untouchable by anything from lower performance classes, our design eclipses lesser machines in performance and our competitors’ systems in value, and hence the name.


So whether you are an enthusiast seeking the finest parts multiplied by the best craftsmanship, an extreme gamer who needs the best rig possible, or just want or need the best performance for whatever reason, the Eclipse is here for you to configure.

Extreme PC
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“Eclipse” Extreme XHD Gaming PC

CODE: DI-900

14 days
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Weapon of mass ownage. Comprised of only best-of-breed hardware, this is our flagship gaming system. With fastest processor, graphics and memory available to Man, this system is designed for the most hardcore gamers, enthusiasts and power-users. Despite its earth-shattering performance, this machine retains our signature great performance/dollar ratio.

Feature Options:
  • Extreme computing performance
  • Enthusiast-grade system on real-world budget
  • Overclocked CPU and GPUs
  • Quad graphics capability
  • Individually tuned
  • Latest in storage and optical subsystems
  • Quiet
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