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Assembling and Testing

Assembling and Testing

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Our mission is simple: use the best off-the-shelf parts to create the best out-of-the-box experience. You expect your brand-new system to work flawlessly without any further configuration required on your part, and our QA team ensures just that.

During this process, every aspect of the system is outlooked. Our dedicated technicians ensure that the machine performs, looks and sounds the way it is supposed to. A list of checks consists from two parts, external and internal.

External checks ensure that all USB's work, that the audio has proper output, and that all the required drivers and software is installed.

Internal checks are the long and tedious part. Think of it as a bootcamp designed to make the weak links fail and be sorted out. During this phase, every single performance subsystem goes through its own "torture test", which puts an unusually high stress onto the component in question in order to ensure that it holds up under the most extreme conditions non-specialized programs can not usually create! CPU, memory, mainboard, power supply and graphics card are the components receiving the most attention, and every one of them has a specialized test routing created for one purpose: make a potentially unstable component fail. The battery of tests takes up to two days to complete, and after it is done we can honestly say that we have done everything in our ability to ensure that this system is stable and ready for whatever you need it to do.


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